Çubuklu Valley

The Cubuklu Valley Masterplan Project site occupies the base of a valley. Project area lies on the northern boundary of the Cubuklu Vadi area of in-city forest. It is the lowest point of the Cubuklu Valley area, and surface and ground water from a significant area of surrounding hills flows and permeates down to collect the site. The valley base forms a natural aquifer above the level of the Bosphorus, and this valley was once dammed at the western end to raise water levels and form a reservoir. The dam has been removed but some elements of historic engineering works remain.

Worked as;

Masterplan Designer

Designing the Masterplan
Visualizations of the Masterplan & Diagrams
Designing the Landscape
Drawing and Modelling of the site plan
Concept Sketching
Preparing Presentation Documents
Calculating FAR
Client Meetings
Coordination with CGI Company


Cubuklu Valley Masterplan Project


Avci Architects


13 December 2017

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