Başakşehir Masterplan

Oyak Masterplan is a new development project in Istanbul which has a great opportunity to create a different typology design approach at the same project site. Thus the design has a variable approach, the city life can be reflected on project site more coherent.
We need to reinvent the idea of city by questioning our normals. And normal, or fitting the current standardised approach of filling the plot to the maximum possible with no attempt to create a community and an attractive place to be is not the right approach.

Worked as;

Urban Designer and
Project Leader


Designing the Masterplan
Leading the project team
Designing the concept masterplan
Preparing Presentation Documents
Coordination of Landscape
Drawing and Modelling of the site plan
Presenting the project to Municipality
Handling the relationship with client
Creating a movie for concept masterplan
Visualizations of the Masterplan & Diagrams
Rendering & Post Production
Concept Sketching


Basaksehir Masterplan Project


Avci Architects


21 December 2017

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